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Classically trained as an Architect, after having earned a Master’s degree from Columbia University GSAPP, my career path led me into the Film Industry as a Producer and spans more than 20 years of creative and digital production experience in feature animation, visual effects, live-action, and VR. While pushing the boundaries of digital visualization allowed me to pursue the imagined, I never lost the passion for the tactile and real process of making art.
Calm Atelier was founded to combine these two disciplines, resulting in, what I like to call "Digital Analogies".
Through a marriage of digital tools and analog mediums, I have arrived at a "hybrid" style that creates a physical manifestation of my vision and serves as a creative outlet to support my artistic passions while maintaining a grounded understanding of the analog process in the digital world. The results have been an amazing journey that I am pleased to share with you.


Curtis Augspurger

Artist, Architect

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